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Goal setting
Loose weight easily
Stop smoking
Learn to love and appreciate yourself
Deal with confusing relationships
Eliminate negative self talk
Manage pain and prepare for surgery
Release phobias, traumas and anxiety
Come to terms with grief and loss
Prepare for tests/auditions
Past life regression to understand current issues
Spirit releasement
Hypnotherapy has developed into an amazing aid in the field of psychology and especially in the area of transpersonal psychology.  Not to be confused with stage hypnosis, hypnotherapy is very interactive, with the hypnotee  in full control and the hypnotherapist taking a lesser roll of facilitator on a trip into the various levels of consciousness. 
In my opinion, a properly trained hypnotherapist will never tell you what to do, but will hold space and facilitate  your journey to a place that you already know in your psyche; the place where the part of you, that has been knocking on your mental door, leaving you physical and emotional messages, that you haven't been able to decode, is waiting.  My ultimate goal and satisfaction as a hypnotherapist, is to assist my clients in their quest to open that door and and receive the message and then to show them that they have the power to go back there on their own, whenever they want to.
  " Blackbird Fly, into the light of the dark black night."
    Laughter Therapy is what happens naturally when we see the beauty and joy in everyday living.  Sometimes, though, we have to "fake it until we make it".  The amazing thing about laughter is that you can force yourself to laugh when you may not feel like laughing and your body and mind will still release those wonderful healing chemicals and give you a natural high AND it is contagious!  Just try it for yourself.  In a room full of people, start laughing for no reason... see how many people "catch" the bug!
   Cardiologists are actually prescribing laughter to their patients as a very important part of the healing process.
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